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Hoses for extra heavy conditions

The R35TC / RS35TC-48 series with ParLock technology is complemented by two new sizes: -40 and -48.
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The United Hydraulic Company was founded in 2008 and became at once the head managing office for the Group of three companies: a large distributor in the hydraulic market – “Hydravia”Ltd., a development company for the new product lines – “Hydral” Ltd. and “H-Point” Ltd. which is a franchising project company. From the very first day of its foundation the company has shaped its course supporting and reinforcing of the positive image of the companies that are the members of the Holding in the Russian market. The very foundation of our business is based on meeting all the contractual arrangements that were made with our partners.

The main purpose of the company today is to make sure that our distributors’ needs in knowledge, goods and services are satisfied to the highest standard and in a timely fashion.

The head office, warehouse and the production facility are located in Russia. In Saint-Petersburg the company owns 500 square meters of an office space and more than 7000 square meters of the warehouse and workshop space. The Moscow branch includes more than 1000 meters of office, warehouse and workshop space combined. Our subsidiaries are located in the cities of Murmask, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Kemerovo. We are also presented by our branches in the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The company employs highly qualified professionals who undergo in-service advanced training on a regular basis. The company's quality management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Each of the companies that make up the UHC Group occupies a leading position in its market niche, continuously expanding its sphere of influence. Nevertheless, our company is looking for interesting partners that target mutual cooperation and development. To be a part of our group is to be a strong, successful and fast-growing company.

The pioneering company of our holding is “Hydravia” Ltd. “Hydravia” Ltd. was founded in 2004 and today is a leading company among the largest Russian companies in the hydraulic market. Please visit our website www.hydravia.ru to find the answers to the numerous questions from the world of hydraulics and to learn more about our wide product range.

To find more about “Hydral” Ltd. and its activities please visit the website www.hydral.ru The main area of expertise of the company is the development and promotion of new product lines.

To find information about the first franchising project in Russia in the area of hydraulics please visit the website www.h-point.org, Our project is actively expanding on a yearly basis, constantly capturing new markets and extending our regional presence.

Our Products are presented by three different classes: Basic, Standard and Professional which differ between each other in price –quality ratio by around 20-30% and as a result encompass all the market segments and appeal to all the market needs. Even the products that fall under the low price category are considered to be the benchmark quality products.

UHC Group also owns and promotes such brand names as VERSO TM, Powermaster TM and Traktor.


Russia, 194341, St. Petesburg, pr. Kolomyazhsky 27/A
+7 812 702 12 41
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