Hoses for extra heavy conditions

If you need sleeves that provide higher working pressure and greater power at a higher flow rate, or sleeves for extra heavy conditions with an abrasion-resistant coating for a longer service life, then we present the new Parker R35TC / RS35TC-48 series of sleeves.

These sleeves have been specially designed to increase flow rates and are designed to meet the highest requirements for various applications.

The R35TC / RS35TC-48 series with ParLock technology is complemented by two new sizes: -40 (ID 63.5 mm) and -48 (ID 76.2 mm).

Parker R35 TC-40 has been tested with extremely high impulse loads at an operating pressure of 35.0 MPa and with a dynamic safety factor of more than 4: 1. PC35TK-48 is approved according to ISO 6807-D for offshore and drilling applications.

Due to the increased diameter of the sleeves at very high pressure, the flow rate can be increased, which reduces the need for numerous working lines and leads to a significant reduction in costs.

These hoses are used for hydrostatic transmissions, in pressure lines (for example, injection molding), rotary drilling, open and underground mining.