Quick release couplings for hydraulics

  • Class BASIC
  • Class STANDARD

Quick Release Couplings

Quick release couplings are used for rapid connection and disconnection of the movable parts of the hydraulic system. These couplings are applied in various industries, such as:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Road construction
  • Gas and oil industry
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Public utilities

You can also find them in other industries, where it's important to complete a quick change of the working parts with minimum loss of the hydraulic oil.

Types of the Quick Release Couplings

Quick release couplings can be classified into the following groups:

  1. ISO A, ISO B – the simplest type of the couplings that's used for the agricultural and public utilities machinery. This type of couplings used under a relatively low pressure. Also this coupling is prone to a partial loss of the hydraulic oil during a commutation process, due to an open structure of connective part of the coupling, and as a result it also subjectrd to receiving a great amount of dirt and various pollutants.
  2. Flat Face – modernized type of the couplings, which has the closed structure of a connective part that prevents loss of the hydraulic oil during process of connecting and disconnecting. An additional advantage is a closed construction of an internal part of the coupling, preventing dirt and other contaminants from getting inside the coupling.
  3. The Threaded Type Couplings – these types of couplings used in the hydraulic systems under high pressure. Thread is used for connection with the counterpart.

Product Range

Today we offer wide spectrum of different types of connections for normal conditions, as well the tough ones. By offering the products in three different classes not only do we guarantee a high quality regardless of the supplier or brand, we guarantee the availability of the most popular couplings in stock. For more technical information, visit www.hydravia.com.