Hoses and tubes processing equipment

  • Class BASIC
  • Class STANDARD

Equipment for High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses and Hydraulic Tubes

Our hydraulic processing equipment range can be divided into three separate classes. In Basic class we offer processing equipment by our private brand – POWERMASTER™. Our Standard Class represented by British-made equipment under our brand name VERSO™, and Class Professional equipment produced by our Italian partner OP s.r.l.

Types of hoses and tubes processing equipment

In each class you will find a machine that is going to be a right fit for you. Be it a small crimping machine for mobile workshop, a larger machine well-suited for medium business, or a high-performing machine designed to offer full-scale production.

  1. Crimping machines (Hydraulic hose presses)
  2. Skiving machines
  3. Cutting machines
  4. Pneumatic assembly machines
  5. Washing and filtering equipment
  6. Test benches for quality control of assembled high-pressure hoses
  7. Marking machines
  8. Hose perforating machines

We offer equipment for high-pressure hydraulic hoses, as well as equipment for hydraulic tubes:

  1. Tube bending equipment
  2. Machines for 37° and 90° orbital flaring of hydraulic tubes
  3. Machines for pre-assembling and mounting of cutting rings
  4. Multifunctional centers, combining all functions necessary to produce ready-to-use hydraulic tube.

Using our equipment you'll be able to assemble high-pressure hoses and rigid pipes of any type and diameter.

  • Crimping machines (Hydraulic hose presses)
    Crimping machines (Hydraulic hose presses)
  • Cutting machines
    Cutting machines
  • Skiving machines
    Skiving machines
  • Test benches
    Test benches
  • Tube bending machines
    Tube bending machines
  • Washing and filtering equipment
    Washing and filtering equipment

Our advantages

  • Superior quality of the machines regardless of brand and product' class
  • Wide range of various equipment to choose from
  • Flexibility in pricing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • 1-Year warranty on all machines
  • Special terms offered for purchasing a complete line of equipment
  • We offer working knowledge training programms for buyer's personnel
  • Starting-up and adjustment.

For more information and technical details, visit our distributor's website www.hydravia.com.