Hydraulic tubes


Hydraulic tubes or precision tubes are the integral part and foundation of any hydraulic system. No matter what type of application it is used for, the hydraulic tube can be found in almost any industry. The hydraulic tube possesses the obvious advantages such as:

  • Long service life
  • High resistance and strength

The product range

Today we offer three types of the Hydraulic tubes:
  • Seamless stainless steel hydraulic tubes
  • Cold-drawn precision seamless hydraulic tubes
  • Cold-drawn precision seamless zinc coated hydraulic tubes

Areas of Application

The hydraulic tubes are used as a part of the rigid hydraulic systems and can be found in such industries and applications as:

  • Сhemical Industry
    Сhemical Industry
  • Agricultural Machinery
    Agricultural Machinery
  • Service Companies
    Service Companies
  • Road Construction
    Road Construction
  • Forestry Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
    Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
    Mining Equipment
  • Public Utilities
    Public Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Oil and Gas Industry

Usually the hydraulic tubes are installed in the spots where flexible units and flexible connections aren't required. The hydraulic tubes are produced from different types of steel and undergo a plating process which is conducted either by phosphating or zinc-plating processes.

Production of hydraulic tubes

The hydraulic precision tubes are produced in accordance with the following standards: EN 10305-1, EN 10305-2 and EN 10305-4. As a rule, the hydraulic tubes are supplied in 6-meter (19 ft 68 in) length pieces and made out of St 37.4 steel. The tube can be cut into smaller pieces if necessary.

For tubes connection the special tube connectors are used. In this case, you may use the cutting ring and a nut connection by making 37° or 90° tube flare.

The hydraulic tubes that we offer have the straight inner walls, as well as outer walls, and undergo the x-ray inspection during the final stage of the production process.

You may order the delivery of hydraulic tubes in rigid packaging as well as soft one. The rigid type of packaging (wood crates or boxes) will help to prevent the possible damaging during the transportation process.