Drilling hoses

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Drilling hoses

We offer a wide spectrum of drilling hoses for multiple industrial applications. Today our drilling hoses are offered in two classes: Professional and Basic.

Basic Class is presented by drilling hoses manufactured at our plant in China under POWERMASTER™ brand. These hoses differ in their technical characteristics from Professional Class, but nevertheless they fully comply with international standards and withstand all necessary tests and pressures staded by said standards. Professional Class is presented by hoses prodused by Alfagomma, proven leader in that segment. Drilling hoses by Alfagomma are distinguished by high quality and reliability. Usually the technical characteristics of drilling hoses by Alfagomma exceed the ones that are mentioned in the standards.

Construction of drilling hose

Drilling hose is usually comprised of several layers of rubber and metal spirals that are placed one on top of the other. If you cut the hose and take a sectional view of it, then you will find following layers:

  1. An inside layer – rubber tube, made out of special synthetic rubber compound
  2. A middle layer – a textile reinforcement yarn that lies between the inner tube and a metal spiral
  3. Metallic reinforcement layer – made out of high tensile metal wire
  4. Another layer of rubber
  5. Outside rubber layer (synthetic rubber mixed with other compounds, providing abrasive-resistant capabilities)

The construction of a drilling hose described above allows it to withstand high pressure and high vibration environments.

Application Areas

The drilling hoses are widely used in the mining and petroleum industries. By means of a drilling hose a technical water and some other clay-based liquids are getting supplied into the mine. A drilling hose is also used for delivery of oil from an oil rig, vibration dampening of the rotary-wheel machines and for well boring in the open sea.

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