Hydraulic fittings

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  • Class STANDARD

Fittings for High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hose fittings have been used for a wide array of industrial applications. Nowadays, new manufacturing methods allow to produce fittings, that can be used in the areas that they could not be used in before, such as maritime and mining industries.

Types of Hydraulic Fittings

High pressure hydraulic hose fittings are divided into three groups, or series, and differ from each other by type of the tail:

  1. Universal Series – a standard fittings that are used primarily with the braided hydraulic hoses, and with different types of industrial machines.
  2. Interlock Series - this type of fittings are used only with the spiral hoses, because to add more adhesive capabilities, the hydraulic hose is subject to skiving of its internal and external layers. These fittings are used for heavy machinery.
  3. CS Series – this is a unique type of fittings that are used with the heavy hoses as well as Interlock – with four and six spirals hoses. Key feature of this fitting - it does not require skiving of internal and external layers of rubber – this capability is achieved by the unique construction of the fitting and the ferrule.

Product Range

The range of the Hydraulic Fittings supplied by us is very extensive, and we offer products for any type of machinery, of any diameters and any sizes. We always have following types of fittings in stock:

  • SAE
  • NPSM
  • Banjo
  • Ferrules
  • NPTF
  • Flange
  • JIC
  • DKL
  • DKM
  • DKO-L/S
  • BSP

Application area

  • Forestry Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
  • Road building
    Road building
  • Service companies
    Service companies
  • Agricultural Machinery
    Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
    Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
    Agricultural Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
    Mining Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
  • Public Utilities
    Public Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Oil and Gas Industry

The hydraulic fittings that we supply are presented by three different quality classes, giving you several options to choose from based on price and quality. We implement well-thought supply chain management that allows us to ensure product quality, and be responsible for every stage of the process: from placing the order to production acceptance at our warehouse.

If you’re interested in purchasing or supplying hydraulic fittings, please fill out the contact form or visit Hydravia's website www.hydravia.com, where you can find more information on all of our products.