Equipment for cleaning pipes


Hose, Tube and Pipe Cleaning Systems

Ultra Clean equipment is a simple and effective way of cleaning both rigid and flexible hydraulic lines of the contaminants that can get inside. By using special projectiles (hydraulic hose cleaning pellets), the inside of a hydraulic hose or a tube is getting cleaned out, preventing small particles of dirt or dust from getting into the hydraulic system.

Recommended Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning projectile launcher can be used for many types of rigid and flexible hydraulic lines. This system can be used to clean out hydraulic hose or tube before or after assembling process.

We recommend cleaning out following hydraulic components:

  • High-pressure hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic tubes
  • Hydraulic hose assembly
  • Hydraulic tube assembly

During the process of manufacturing a hydraulic hose and preparation for its installation, it's common for small specs of dirt (metal chips and pieces of rubber) to get inside the hose. If not cleane out, those particles will get inside the hydraulic system and can lead to the premature wear and damage of filters and other components of the system. Abrasive projectile that is fired through the hydraulic hose, stays very close to its walls and allows more thorough cleaning. As a rule, it is enough to fire 2 to 3 projectiles to complete full cleaning process and we recommend installing protective PVC caps onto the hydraulic hose's ends right after the procedure is performed.

The same cleaning process can be applied to hydraulic tubes. We recommend performing cleaning procedures before the installation - this will help to prevent the contaminants and pollutants from getting into the hydraulic tube.

With Ultra Clean hose cleaning kit you can also clean hose and tube assemblies.

For full cleaning cycle you can use the projectiles of different level of abrasiveness and also special solvents depending on the level of contamination of a hydraulic hose or tube.


An Ultra Clean Cleaning system can be used everywhere where the hydraulic components can be found and in particular in such industries as:

  • Food Processing Plants
    Food Processing Plants
  • Gun Barrels
    Gun Barrels
  • Chemical Industry
    Chemical Industry
  • Construction Machinery
    Construction Machinery
  • Agriculture Equipment
    Agriculture Equipment
  • Public Utilities
    Public Utilities