Safety spirals


Hydraulic Hose Protection

The products produced by Safeplast Oy truly fall under the category that we refer to as Professional Class and all the characteristics such as top quality, safe and environmentally friendly materials, modern equipment - can be attributed to Safe Spirals by Safeplast Oy.

The hose protection is necessary everywhere where risk of damaging the hydraulic hose is very high. It is mostly used by the companies that are engaged in industries such as construction, forestry, mining, natural resources production, where machinery and personnel safety should be ensured above all.

Production of the Safety Spirals

Safety Spirals are produced by so called extrusion method. The plastic compound is getting squeezed out by the extruder under high pressure and high temperature, so that spiral has the smooth edges, which prevents the hose from being damaged during the usage. The manufacturing of the Safe Spirals by this method also allows to increase the durability characteristics of the hydraulic hose protection.

Types of Hydraulic Hose Protection

The hose protection that we supply from Europe used for multiple purposes. You can purchase plastic protection for hydraulic hoses, as well as textile sleeves, that can be used to protect operators of machinery, who might be working next to the movable parts of a hydraulic system.

The products manufactured by Safeplast Oy are ISO 90001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

The official distributor of products produced by Safaplast Oy is Hydravia Ltd., you can visit the Hydravia's website to learn more about full range of plastic protection for the hydraulic hoses and cables.

  • Plastic safe spirals
    Plastic safe spirals
  • Hydraulic hose protective sleeves
    Hydraulic hose protective sleeves
  • Tools and binding tapes
    Tools and binding tapes

Application area

  • Construction Machinery
    Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
    Agricultural Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
    Mining Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
    Forestry Equipment