Hoses for gas welding and cutting SEMPERIT

Gas welding hoses are flexible pressure gas hoses for supplying acetylene, oxygen, propane and propane-butane. This gas hose can be used for welding and cutting with hydrogen, lamp gas, carbon dioxide, argon and nitrogen, as well as for supplying liquefied gas (LPG), a mixture of methyl acetylene and propanediene (MPS) and CNG.

Where are SEMPERIT gas hoses used?

Gas hoses have a wide range of applications. SEMPERIT gas hoses are used in heavy industry, agriculture, shipbuilding, automotive, large house construction and small construction projects.

Marking of SEMPERIT gas welding hoses

SEMPERIT gas hoses come in different colors for ease of use:

• acetylene hose GAC - red (1st class), according to GOST 9356-75;

• GOX oxygen hose – blue (class 3), according to GOST 9356-75;

• propane hose GWPB - orange;

• GSS nitrogen hose – black.

United Hydraulic Company can also supply twin gas hoses TWIN (GAC+GOX) and hoses in black, with red GAC (Weldflex) or blue GOX (Weldflex) stripe, according to use.