Not only hydraulics and pneumatics...

With the aim to optimize and compact the spaces inside vehicles, the automotive industry employs more and more often tubes with very tight bend radius and combined flexible and rigid tubes.

To properly the needs of those who work with these very specific kinds of tubes, O+P offers a range of machines that perfectly adapt to these peculiarities.

Crimping machines are provided with a wide frontal rift, which facilities the passage of hoses with tight bends.



  • maximum ø 95 mm
  • frontal opening 80 mm
  • PLC control with ES4 touch-screen display
  • maximum ø 37 mm
  • frontal opening 38 mm
  • air operated, with air-oil multiplier

Thanks to the innovative blocking system the new Unispeed 90/37 ES 6/28 allows to perform 37° and 90° flaring operations on tubes with tight bends up to 180°.


  • suitable for tubes ø from 6 to 28 mm, 2,5 mm thickness
  • electronic control with touch-screen display.