Results of CTT 2013

At the beginning of June our company participated in the international exhibition of construction equipment and technologies CTT 2013. We used an individual exhibition booth for the first time, that allowed us to expand our working space and gave us an opportunity to widen the area for conducting negotiations with our prospective clients, and also let us present more of our existing products, as well as the new ones. In particular we wanted to single out an Italian manufacturer of fittings, ferrules and tube adaptors – CAST S.p.A. This year we managed significantly reduce the prices on the main positions of fittings, ferrules and tube adaptors. The direct result of this reduction is an increased turnover between our companies and long-term partnership obligations that we embarked upon. The products by CAST are manufactured exclusively in Italy at two plants that are located near Turino. At the beginning of July in 2013, we will send the first group of participants of our promo campaign “Visit Turino” from Arhangelsk and Chelyabinsk to the CAST's manufacturing facility. They will share with you their impressions and will tell you about the company’s capacity and its potential. Today CAST is the largest manufacturer of the fittings in the world. The products manufactured by CAST are distinguished by the high quality, competitive prices and wide nomenclature. Since 2013 we have been offering to our clients the new 80 Series fittings that we have mentioned multiple times on the pages of our journal and on our website. Mr. Alessandro Cosa, Head of Sales at CAST, and also the member of the Board of Directors of the company extended his valuable support in participating at the exhibition. New equipment for the Hydraulic Hoses by OP was showcased at our booth. From the latest models we would like to highlight the crimping machine Tubomatic V150 that was made specifically for the exhibition. This machine was created at our request by the Italian specialists, and has the best technical capabilities and lower price in comparison with its competitors. The equipment at our stand was personally presented by the OP’s commercial director Mr. Luca Commini. With his invaluabe help our company has established more than 900 workshops that provide all kinds of hydrauluic services in last 10 years. In the section of industrial hoses, which is a new product line for us, we have presented a wide range of industrial hoses for bulk materials and petroleum. Every month we are planning on extending our product range by introducing new groups of products. ALFAGOMMA™, one of the market leaders, was also presented by the commercial director who is responsible for the distribution – Mr. Davide Volanti. We want to thank him for his professionalism in conducting negotiations, his ability to persuade and also for his knowledgeability. By being a leader in supply of the tube adaptors, and today we are talking about 17000 positions, we offer you to join us in development of the Russian market and in particular of the market for hydraulic parts. Specifically for the exhibition we have developed and introduced a new quality standard that is called Basic class, and today we can offer you the hydraulic hoses under our own brand name TRAKTOR™ at the low price counting on the long-term cooperation. Summing up the results of the passed exhibition we want to single out our employees and their professionalism, and also to thank all of the participants who visited our booth. We are pleased to acknowledge the fact that you accept and support our work philosophy that is a philosophy of long-term cooperation, processes’ standardization and continuous quality improvement. We look forward to seeing you again in exactly one year at CTT 2014.